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Introductory classes

PLAIN is dedicated to helping federal agencies train their staff to communicate clearly and develop their own plain language programs. We’ll train your managers as well.

We offer free, half-day training classes for federal agencies. All of our classes are based on the Federal Plain Language Guidelines and involve interactive writing exercises.

Class descriptions

Principles of plain language

  • Learn how to identify and write for your audience
  • Use plain language techniques to create clear and effective writing
  • Learn how using plain language can save your agency time and resources

Manager briefing

  • 10–30 minute overview of the Plain Writing Act of 2010
  • Assessment of benefits of using plain language

Request training

We schedule classes on a first-come, first-serve basis, depending on trainer availability. We believe that in-person training is the best method and do not offer webinars or virtual classes. Please request training at least 3-6 months in advance.

You must have a .gov or .mil email address to register. Complete this form, or email us if you can’t access Google Apps.

Let us know:

  • Which federal agency you work for
  • Where your office is located
  • Which class you’re interested in
  • Which month or specific date you’d like the classes (we schedule about 3–6 months in advance)
  • How many federal employees will attend (we train 20–35 people per session)

After reviewing your request, a training coordinator will email you to set up the details.

Please note

All of our trainers are volunteers, and we only offer training for federal agencies. Requesting agencies must pay all trainer expenses, including parking within the DC metro area (if needed) and lodging, travel, and per diem outside the metro area. We can’t always fulfill requests for classes outside the area because only one volunteer trainer is authorized by their home agency to travel.